Trudy Rocks
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  1. 3Xp4t

    Not sure what’s going on there. The seeding round voting at this link looks like its still open.

    The competition was supposed to start on Monday, but I’ve searched around teh site a number of times in the last couple days and not found the head-to-head voting.

    Good news, maybe? Oddly Aroused garnered 29 votes in the seeding round (out of ~1100 votes cast). Can’t tell if that cleared the threshold to go into head-to-head competition rounds. I thought maybe 20 would do it, but a number of other comics also got a lot of votes that weren’t registered on Sunday evening.

    Ssoooooooooo … if there’s any news on that (like, did ComicMix contact you with any info ..???) please post.

    • I didn’t get contacted, unfortunately. I’m not entirely sure myself how the whole thing works. There were about 4 entries for Oddly Aroused that were misspelled, so I would hope they would have seen those and added them to my tally. It ended up being a little over 30 votes, I think, which isn’t too shabby, I suppose with all the competition out there. I voted for a couple that I thought deserved a spot in the finals; Wapsi Square and Puck. I’ll let everyone here know if I hear something, but going on their site, I see that Oddly Aroused wasn’t added to their directory. So chances are slim 🙁

  2. j.E.Baker

    No meaningful updates in 17 months, why do I bother?

    • And you just mention it now!? Where were you 16 months ago? Or 10 months ago…or 5?? I stopped doing the strip and you know what I heard from everyone? Crickets…sweet bugger all from anyone. Do you know what I gathered from that? That nobody really gave a shit one way or the other. Don’t take it personally.

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