Hi everyone, I’m Jim Collins, the creator of Oddly Aroused. As well as working on the comic, Oddly Aroused, I also work as a Production Assistant on a daily Newspaper in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I started working in webcomics on David Reddick’s Barwench Tales over on his Legend of Bill site.¬†Although it had a huge built-in audience and was rewarding in many ways, I decided after a year and a half to move on and create something that I could call my own. Creating and drawing my own comic gives me the freedom to do whatever I want and the ability to share it with an ever-widening audience that makes the choice to go it alone a decision that I will never regret.

Oddly Aroused is an ongoing fantasy comic that incorporates Cosplay, Comics, Movies, Pinup and Geek Culture. The creation of Oddly Aroused is a constantly evolving process, sometimes funny, sometimes serious, but always fun and sometimes the end result surprises even me. The plan is to keep updating the comic every week and, if things go well (and when my Patreon picks up), I’ll be posting it up to 3 times a week and be publishing a special trade paperback with Oddly Aroused strips, drawings and other goodies.

I hope you come by often to check it out and please always feel free to comment!
– Jim