Queue announcer: As our story continues, we join Agnes in her quaint, yet functional bathroom enjoying her morning ablutions. It’s a fine Monday morning; the birds are singing and the sun is beaming jovially in to bathe our heroine with it’s radiant rays. In the distance you can hear a kettle whistling merrily and the faint stirrings of the unwashed masses as they arise to greet the new day with anticipation and jubilance. Our Damosel of the Crimson hair has just stepped out of the shower and, as always, is overjoyed at the thought of a new day. How elated is she? Well, let’s take a peek in and see shall we…


ARed Sonja_12lso this week, I’ll be starting a new weekly feature where I showcase some great fantasy comicbook covers from the past. You’ll be seeing some fantastic S&S covers from Marvel, DC, Gold Key, Dark Horse and others. Most of these covers will feature graphic swordplay and women with breastplates. You’ve been warned!


What better character to start with than the she-devil herself, Red Sonja. This cover is from issue 12 of her own series and was the first Red Sonja comic that I ever bought and have been enamoured with ever since. Enjoy and I’ll see you right here next week – Jim

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