Hi everyone. As the few faithful followers of Oddly Aroused know, I haven’t posted an update to the strip since July. Life and work have been busy of late and I found that the comic was taking too large a chunk of my time and energy. I wish that I could make this a priority, but the reality is that I don’t make any money off of the strip and I don’t have the audience that I feel I should have after years of trying to create a fun and entertaining story. My Patreon didn’t get the results that I had hoped. The link has been posted prominently here on the site for some time now and the only Patrons I managed to get were two great readers, whom I’m very grateful to. Unfortunately, it was a disappointing experiment and I’ll probably be putting the Patreon on hold for now. I think the problem was not utilizing the technology available to me to it’s fullest extent. It’s possible that if I was more savvy with all the social media and options out there and maybe if I had the time to use it as it was meant to be used, both the comic and Patreon would have been more popular and I would have gotten better results. So, instead of letting the strip (or the readers) dictate my time, effort and schedule, the updates will be fluid. I’m going to re-evaluate the entire process, which means fewer updates, but longer and higher quality strips. I’ll be taking my time to write a better story and try to make a higher quality product in general. So that means I’ll post an update when I have something done that I’m satisfied with, which means that it will happen when it happens. Thank you!