Hey everyone!
Judging from the stats from this weeks strip we had some respectable numbers for the first time in quite awhile. I can’t say whether it’s because the holidays are over and people are back to regular routine or if it’s due to what’s going on in the strip itself, i.e. more Agnes and Trudy doing their thing. I know I also had a few rough spots over the last few months with computer issues which might have affected readership to a certain extent, but now that I’ve gotten new equipment things are back on track and better than ever.

I’m not sure how many people will actually read this post but I’m curious as to your thoughts on the matter. Are you enjoying the odd (oddly arousing) forays into the past and the longer tapestry that I’m unraveling storywise, or do you prefer the lighter day to day adventures of Agnes and Trudy? I’m not sure that I would do strictly one or the other, but I would definitely skew the strip more towards the former or the latter if people have a preference.

As incentive, anyone who comments on this post and lends me your thoughts I will put your name in a hat and have my lovely assistant draw one name to win an original colour sketch of any Oddly Aroused character!

Thanks, everyone and I hope to hear from you soon – Jim

P.S. Lets give it a 2 week from today expiry date to let people put in their comment.