Hello everyone! I’m happy to say that Oddly Aroused is back from it’s extended hiatus.
It’s been a bit of a wait I know, but I honestly needed the break. I wish I could say that I created a good back log of comics to set me up for awhile, but it was a complete break that I needed from the comic. I did post some things on my Instagram and Patreon pages, so I’ve still been drawing, it wasn’t a creative block as some might have thought. I think I’ve been discouraged that the comic hasn’t been drawing the size of audience that I had hoped at this point. I have to keep in mind that first and foremost, I do it for myself and my own enjoyment and if others find pleasure in it, that’s an extra added bonus. So I’ll keep at it and try to promote it as well as I can and, given time, I hope that more people will discover my little corner of the world and keep returning to enjoy these Oddly Arousing adventures. Please comment if you have a mind to and let me know what you think. Thank you as always for reading – Jim