Creative block is a funny thing; the more you try to create something while suffering from it, the more difficult it becomes to actually do something. Before you know it, your whole attitude and demeanor, has spiralled down into something not very pleasant at all. Even the way you deal with people and situations in your everday life is affected by the general malaise (I refuse to call it depression) that sets in. It’s a damn frustrating thing and not something I care to deal with too often. It’s something that insinuates itself into your life and drops in every now and then like that nightmare neighbour, who you’re too considerate to tell to go to hell when they overstay their welcome. The good news is, there IS a comic this week and Oddly Aroused DOES continue and Sonya Crimson perseveres…for those who might have thought differently 😉 Please enjoy the story and if you’re out there, let me know what you think. Take care and see you next week – Jim Collins