I’m not sure if other creators can attest to this, but I find working on a webcomic akin to taking a journey; I know what my destination is, but I don’t know which road to take to get there. Sometimes the road is clear, other times it’s uncertain which route to take or if I’m even going the right way. Sometimes I’ll try a shortcut along a dirt road and get stuck in the mud after a hard rain. This was one of those stuck in the mud times. I must have redone this strip 3 times, not liking anything I had done. I had told myself when I restarted the strip that I wasn’t going to agonize over getting the strip out on time and so save myself some stress and frustration but I also wanted to get this posted while I still have some week left. I hope you like it!

I will be posting an NSFW variant of panel 3 on my Patreon if that’s something you might be interested in. You’ll find a lot of other goodies over there as well.

Thanks everyone! Have a great week!