Todays Oddly Aroused is a milestone 25th strip! I know it seems like it should be a lot more now that I’ve been doing Oddly Aroused since October of 2014, but it accumulates slowly when you release it as a weekly. I would gladly draw this strip on a daily basis if I could or even release it 3 times a week, unfortunately, time and the tribulations of daily life don’t allow for that. I can tell you though, how much I appreciate all of you readers coming by regularly to read of Sonya Crimson’s adventures. There are big plans for her future and I can guarantee that I will be updating consistently at the beginning of every week. I urge you to write a comment telling me what you think of the strip and make sure that you drop by my Jim Collins Art facebook page and click the like button. You won’t be disappointed!

Happy Easter to everyone and till next week, take care! – Jim