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  1. paws4thot

    Well this is honestly completely unexpected (and mildly disappointing because I’d thought you’d get more comments).

    Also, so I don’t forget, you’re welcome to post a scan of the prize drawing (which means no issues either way about who’s copyright it is or isn’t).

    • I’m glad to do this for you paws4thot. I’m not sure if I’m disappointed in the response. It would have been nice to get more people commenting, but I honestly didn’t expect to get many hits on it at all. I managed to get regulars (khelatar, balthazar and you) to let me know what they think, but I also got a couple of new commenters as well, Jarl and pachristian (Jarl has commented once or twice before). So I feel it was a success and I hope I hear more from the new guys as time goes on. Anyway, I’ll shoot you off an email so you can let me know your address and you can let me know either here or on email which character you’d like me to draw for you. Take care and congratulations again for winning the draw!

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