This weeks strip is in honour of the Dark Knight himself and the NYC Comic-con, which is in full swing as I post this. It’s been 75 years, since Bruce Wayne donned the cape and cowl to strike fear into the hearts of criminals everywhere. In his wake came a flood of dark avengers seeking either justice or vengeance (depending on what side your political loyalties lie), a whole plethora of sick and twisted villains, laughing, snarling, killing and maiming their way into our hearts with megalomaniacal fortitude. Through it all the Dark Knight endures, decade after decade, changing with the times and the political climate to fight the good fight. He will be here long after we’re gone, like Sherlock Holmes and Tarzan, becoming more than just a character in a comicbook; becoming an ideal for us all to either admire or to mock. Either way he is an icon! Thank you to all the creators throughout the years who have given us all endless hours of excitement, escapism and enjoyment through the four colour adventures of the Caped Crusader!

See you next week and Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadian readers!  – Jim