Well it was a fun time at the Hamilton Comic Con. It was my first time as an exhibitor but definitely not my last! How much fun being on the other side of the table! Getting to meet and greet with people who all have a similar mindset as me was a real pleasure. The other artists were a real treat. A great group of talented people who were more then willing to share their story, as well as their experience with this late bloomer. I went to sell some pieces and make a few bucks…Well, I did make a FEW bucks but I took away something much more valuable then any amount of money.

Seeing the actors from great shows past made me a little nostalgic. However it brought to the forefront that a lot of time has passed and there has been a lot of water under the bridge. Makes me appreciate that I’m not quite over the hill yet, and that a pretty woman makes us all shine ( Phew..breathe out..) if only for a moment.

P.S. Many thanks to the best Comic-con booth neighbour a first timer could have, John Ridley, who not only gave me some great advice, but also drew me my first Fan Art. It looks fantastic and you can see it in the comments section of last weeks strip or on his great Deviant art page at Inspector 97

Thanks John!