Happy New Year everyone! I hope you don’t mind, but I couldn’t help but post an Oddly Aroused salute to the outgoing year. It’s been a helluva bummer watching so many people pass away this year…literally down to the last days with the passing of Carrie Fisher and her mother, Debbie Reynolds, and even Father Mulcahy of M*A*S*H, on Dec 31st, for god’s sake! To top it all off Trump wins the presidential election!? We are truly living in some kind of Bizarro alternate universe. So here’s to a better and more hopeful 2017. I wish each and every one of you all the best that the New Year has to offer! As for Oddly Aroused, the new year will bring fresh and exciting adventures for Agnes and company, so please stay tuned. 2017 promises to be a great one! Take care and Happy New Year! -Jim