Another Oddly Aroused milestone – This weeks strip is the 50th Oddly Aroused comic I’ve drawn. When I was a kid reading comicbooks back in the day, a number 50 on the cover of the comic always betold of something special. Sometimes the issue would be double-sized to celebrate the anniversary or there would be something special inside to mark the special occasion. I could do no less with this special 50th Oddly Aroused, so I’ve created this dramatic animated strip to bewilder and bedazzle your senses. Well, truth be told it’s a first attempt at something like this and I hope you find it at least exciting. I couldn’t be happier creating my own stories and developing these characters that I can truly call my own. Please stick with me for the next 50 as I continue their adventures even further and have a little fun along the way.

Take care and see you right here next week – Jim