It’s a scary world we live in! Our parents raise us and try to protect us from all the ills of the world. Mothers and Fathers take all that is frightening and unjust in the world and break it down into something their children can understand. They call it the Bogeyman; something that can be scared off when the lights are turned on, something that cannot stand in the full light of day. On my journey to adulthood I have learned that the Bogeyman wears many masks. The frightening part is, these masks allow the Bogeyman to look just like you or I, allowing him to exist in shadowy crevices just slightly out of the illuminating brightness. How can you fight something that can mimic you? How do you hide from yourself?  In light of all that has been happening in the world as of late, sad and unforgivable as it all is, one good thing has come from it. Light is being shone on them and they are scurrying out of the woodwork, one by one to be squashed by the heel of humanity like the cockroaches they are. There isn’t more evil in the world than in past years, there are just less places for them to hide. People have a voice…and one voice can make a difference. We just need resolve and the bright light of love to keep the Bogeyman at bay. Turns out our parents were right. So, shine on people, shine on 🙂