I tried to get more ambitious this week and found myself short of time while colouring the strip. So as a treat, you get to see a rough version of the strip with very basic colour and text laid down. I can usually sketch and ink the drawing pretty quick once I have the layout and idea in my mind as to what I want that week. The colouring is what takes most of my time. I think I tend to lay it down differently than most webcomic folks. I don’t use the lasso or paint bucket or fills that come with Photoshop or Manga Studio 5. I basically paint everything in as I would if I were using an actual brush. I try to come up with a simple and effective colour scheme as you see I tried in this weeks strip. Once I come up with that, I lay in all the colours in layers; background first, then flats for the characters and objects, then shadows, then light and highlights and any special effects that I might have in that weeks episode. Anyway, here is the rough colour sketch for this week. I will be finishing up within the week, so stay tuned. I’ll let you know when I’m done. Have a good week, everyone – Jim