Oddly Aroused Update!

Here, as promised, is this weeks comic in all it’s spectacular, technicolor glory. I wasn’t sure if readers here would prefer that I kept the B&W version up and add the colour strip as a separate addition or replace the B&W one, as I’ve done here. If you’ve got any thoughts or opinions on the matter please leave a comment and let me know. In the meantime, enjoy the comic and keep your internet tuned to this very spot for the next installment coming soon. Take care, everyone! – Jim


How’s that title for a complete Non Sequitur? A very few out there might recognize the name, Johnny Gage and his partner Roy DeSoto  from the great television show, Emergency, from way back in the day. He has absolutely nothing to do with this comic and probably won’t…ever. But seeing that word Emergency in big red letters in the first panel got me in a nostalgic mood for that long lost show. And since this weeks strip is a flashback sequence, I thought it appropriate somehow…more or less 😉

You might notice that there is a distinct lack of colour in the strip this week (aside from the aforementioned word), but have no fear, I will be colouring it and posting it sometime in the middle of the week. In the meantime, you get to glomp your peepers on some pretty sweet looking black and white loveliness and get a first hand view of my working process in creating the strip. How lucky you are 😉

See you all here very soon with Oddly Aroused in it’s full technicolor glory, then on with the continuing saga next week.

This is Johnny Gage…er…Jim signing out till next time!