The Sonyaverse expands with the introduction of a brand new character, Uncle Flannery. What is his story and why is Agnes dropping by for a clandestine visit? Stay tuned and find out more about Flannery Quirk and why he is so important to Agnes/Sonya’s history.


Warlord_29This weeks cover is The Warlord #29. Not technically a traditional Sword and Sorcery series, Mike Grell’s Warlord series is influenced more by Edgar Rice Burroughs and his lost worlds, but all the elements are there to make a great pulse-pounding S&S comic. Chronicling Pilot Travis Morgans exploits in the inner wold of Skartaris, it deals out adventure, swordplay, magic and mystery along with some great art and fantasic covers by Mike Grell. Worth a look to fans of the genre. Have a great week everyone! – Jim