[ ri-duhks ]

brought back; resurgent:the Victorian era redux.

I realize now that when creating a webcomic, or any ongoing creative project, that routine and consistency are important. When I stopped doing the webcomic, for what I thought would be a month, maybe two, I lost momentum and all the energy that I had built up on an ongoing basis just dispersed and to try to get that wheel moving again has proved to be nigh on impossible. I compare it to when Austin Powers lost his mojo and almost ended up where all groovy secret agents go to die. Or for a more appropriate analogy to this comic and it’s themes, Robert E. Howard often talked about his writing and he almost felt like the character he was writing about was standing over his shoulder telling tales of their adventures and all Bob Howard had to do was just copy down the stories as they were told to him. When he ran out of stories for a particular character, he felt that the person had stepped away and Bob would never be able to write convincingly of them again. That’s kind of the way I feel with Sonya. She’s stepped away, not just physically from my shoulder, but receding in time till she’s travelled so far back that I can’t feel her presence anymore. She’s shouting and all I can hear is the wind!
This will take time, folks. I need to search through the winds of time and pull her back from the dark abyss that is called negligence. One of my patrons told me that he hopes it stays fun for me, so we can keep going. The world hasn’t been a fun place for quite awhile now, but I think we finally see the light at the end of the long, dark tunnel and it’s time to be fun again.
It’s time for Sonya to reign again!