Regardless of the animosity that the two Sonya’s hold for one another, they are nothing, if not consummate professionals. Any celebrity depends on two things to keep themselves current and working; their professionalism and the love of their fans. You lose either one of those, then you lose everything. Sometimes just the love of fans can keep a stars flame burning bright for a short while, but without that balance of professionalism to keep it burning, it fizzles out when the next hot item comes along. For instance, how much of Paris Hilton have we seen now that Kim Kardashian is in the spotlight? Not a heck of a lot. Kardashian had better enjoy the fame and fortune while she can, because fans are a fickle lot and tend to jump the bandwagon as a matter of course,…time and time again! Now our two Sonya’s despite their enmity for one another know which side their bread is buttered on and with a fine balance of professionalism and fan-appreciation they should be around for a long while… Let’s hope so!

Be well folks and enjoy your week! – Jim