Oddly Aroused number 100! Another milestone reached! Looking back to a little over two years now when I started the strip, 100 published strips seemed like almost an impossible goal. I had just come off of doing Barwench Tales, which had a huge built in audience, determined to make a go of it doing my very own comic strip. I’d learned a bit as to how webcomics worked and I’d researched how to set up my own website and felt that I could make it work if I was stubborn enough to keep at it.

Thinking about the distant goal of having 100 strips under my belt, I thought I would have a huge audience and the fame and fortune that came with it…Well, that hasn’t happened yet. But what I do have is the satisfaction of paving my own way, doing what I enjoy and giving entertainment to others who enjoy what I’m doing. I’ve managed to keep the strip on a forward momentum, been fairly consistent in my updates and recently started a Patreon site where I hope to engage more people. In the near future, I’ll be working on putting together a trade paperback of all the strips, with new never before seen strips and artwork. That’s the freedom that doing my own strip and blazing my own trail has afforded me. I’ve learned so much this last little while, but it also makes me realize how much more I have yet to learn. The future ahead is bright and dare I say…Oddly Arousing!

Enjoy the ride with me for the next 100 strips! – Jim