It was the great comicbook artist Wally Wood who said, “Why draw, when you can swipe.” I have a confession to make; I am an unabashed swiper. You may ask yourself; what is a swiper? Well a swiper is an artist who takes a drawing of another artist and copies it, whether it’s a certain pose, a face, a background, etc. Now I don’t do it very often. Almost everything on here, I draw from my own memory using skills acquired by years of sketching superheroes, barbarians and warrior maidens. But now and then, perhaps because I’m struggling with a certain pose or I have trouble visualizing a scene in my head or I just want to pay tribute to a great artist, I’ll swipe something from one of my favourite illustrators and post it here in my comic. For example, not to diminish the power of the first panel in todays comic, but I admit I swiped from one of John Buscema’s panels that he drew for the Conan the Barbarian comic. I’ve posted a pic of the original for comparison below. John is usually my go to artist where I get all my inspiration from. Avengers #76 was the first comic I ever read and it was his work inside that book that hooked me for life. His work continues to amaze and inspire me.

As for todays comic, I hope you enjoy this little sojourn into the mind of our heroine. Agnes has a rich imagination, but I’m starting to think that the story I should be telling in this comic is of the “real” Sonya and not of poor Agnes and her tribulations.