The thing about Agnes is that you never know when she’ll go on one of her flights of fantasy. Perhaps this is the way she sees the world all the time. Would it be comforting to live in this world all the time? …or exciting? …..or scary? It might be a way to hide from the stress, worry and weight of everyday life. It could explain the passionate and intense interest in shows like Game of Thrones and videogames like Skyrim and World of Warcraft. More and more people look for escape within fantasy worlds such as those and whether they are of their own or others invention their popularity is undeniable. The attendance at Comic conventions such as Toronto’s FanExpo has grown exponentially within the last few years and the Cosplaying community has grown right along with it. So is it any wonder that Agnes chooses to live her life as the savage warrior Sonya Crimson and that she finds her sense of adventure oddly aroused? And is there really anything wrong with that? Not in my book!