Well, it’s still technically Monday, so here is the latest installment of Oddly Aroused.

Time is becoming a precious commodity lately and it’s been more of a challenge than usual getting the strip done on time, with work schedule and other things. To be honest, doing this strip is a dream come true and if I could, I would work on it 24/7 and get it out to you, the readers, on a daily basis. It’s tough to try to tell a decent story on a weekly schedule. I’ve had to scrap story ideas that I had because it just wouldn’t work unless it was posted daily or at least three times a week. And because I haven’t been able to work on the strip as much as I’d like, I’ve had to do some shortcuts, like drawing one big panel instead of three. But I will keep doing the strip and I hope soon to ramp it up to more than once a week. Eventually, I want to begin using Patreon to help subsidize the comic by having it help pay the server and hosting costs and maybe buy a new computer which is much needed here at Oddly Aroused central. My thoughts are that once I’ve been at it for a year (in October) I’ll start to make that happen. I hope to have more readers at that point and hopefully make Patreon a viable thing here at HQ. Anyway, if you are reading this and you have any thoughts on the matter drop me a line in the comments section and let me know what you think. Or better yet, join the Jim Collins Art page and let it be known there 😉

Take care, my friends and stay safe! – Jim